Apart from being technologically forward, we also keep on acquiring access and rights to communication that would find a global audience. We have the channel, as well as the content, across so many categories.
What’s more? We regularly update our content repositories to provide users with the latest and most interesting content for end users!

To give you an idea:
We have 75 Youtube channels and also provide content to various OTT platforms like Eros Now, Yupp TV, Vuclip, Lehren etc.
We license short form content to digital companies on various commercial models.

  • Films
  • Games
  • Generic Content
  • Global Content
  • Seraphic-In-house production unit


Got consumers with a long commute, or people who do not have their own T.V.? Give them endless access to glamour filled stories through VectorMob! We currently hold the perpetual digital rights to over 4000 South Indian Films, which we regularly update to include latest releases.






Whether it is a hobby or a means to pass time, provide your end user with the option to avail to superior quality gameplay. Stimulating, high quality graphics and more, we hold rights to over 4000 games across HTML and APK.


Generic Content

For the audiences that have other interests such as health tips, fitness tips, or maybe they are enamoured by glamour, engaged in sports or are even looking for comedy and entertainment through Hollywood films and music – VectorMob has content and mobile rights to suit all needs.

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Global Content

We currently operate in over 11 countries and collaborate with over 50+ collaborators to provide content that has a global appeal. One shoe doesn’t fit all! This is why our entertainment goes beyond Bollywood, South Indian films and Hollywood to include. We have rights for entertainment through African music and movies, Thai glamour world as well as French, Spanish and Arabic entertainment.


Seraphic-In-house production unit

Sometimes all it takes is an idea. Bringing it to life is something we can help you with. Our in-house production unit, Seraphic, is equipped with state of the art, modern equipment and professionals. Our set-up comes handy for a range of services right from shooting to editing any form of content.

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Generic Content

Global Content

Seraphic In house production unit